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aloha yoga kula

January 4, 2011

Since the Bikram yoga studio has yet to open, I tried a new yoga studio last night. Aloha Yoga Kula. Amazing. So much love and openness and balance all in one place.  They offer a variety of different types of yoga and class times. I definitely came on the right night because the first Monday of every month the studio has live music sessions. I took a vinyasa class and the instructor was so amazing and so knowledgeable, and the live music added such a unique element to the class. Personal space…no such thing at this studio. It was packed. Everyone was literally about 6inches away from eachother, on all sides. Needless to say, I made lots of new friends (except for the dude on my left. his sweat smelled like urine. vom.) I will be going back for sure.


I practice yoga at home, as well as in studios, and one of the poses i’ve been working on at home is Hummingbird. I’ve never seen it done in person and only online. It’s challenging for sure, but i’ve almost got it completely mastered.

this is how it is supposed to look:

and this is how I look:

my right hip and leg need some work, as well as my left arm(upper body strength is where i lack).



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