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natural cold remedies.

January 8, 2011

Yesterday mid-afternoon my throat started hurting. I knew what was coming. By evening it was swollen, I had intense sinus pressure/headache and a stuffy nose.  This always seems to happen after I travel and then go back to work, so it could just be my environment and catching germs from other people, but I also think it all starts with allergies. Anyway, since I’m sick I thought I’d share some of my natural remedies for the the common cold. I don’t like taking meds, even OTC meds, unless absolutely necessary so i always seek out natural remedies first.



As soon as I felt my throat aching I loaded up on my vitamin C. I take 2000mg on a normal daily basis, but I upped it to 4000mg. 4000mg is about as much as my body can tolerate. When taking Vit C to fight off a cold/illness start out with a certain amount, say 1000mg, and gradually through out the day add on until you get an upset tummy. Once you’ve reached that point you know where to stop. Vitamin C has intense immune boosting properties.



It’s an immune boosting  herb. I take 800mg daily when trying to fight off the cold.


Chicken Soup

Mom knows best. Seriously though, chicken soup can help soothe and aid in the relief of symptoms. The hot broth can help soothe a sore throat and the steam can help with opening up the sinuses. The broth also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with congestion and other symptoms. Make sure it’s a quality chicken broth, preferably organic.


Hot Tea

Green tea is great for the immune system. Or you could try this concoction: gently boil some grated ginger in water. Add lemon juice(from a lemon, not a bottle). A small pinch of cayenne pepper. One mashed clove of garlic. Honey to taste(don’t go overboard).


Liven Up Your Living Space

Fresh flowers or scents. Essential oils on your pillow cases. Calming soothing music. Remove the “sickness” from your room and replace it with positive, feel good energy.


Hot Bath

Add a few drops of essential oil(eucalyptus is a good one), breathe in the steam and soak for 20 min.


Acupressure Points

There are several acupressure points for sinuses. They work.I mainly use two different ones. For the first one, feel the indentation of the inner eye socket next to where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrow. Apply pressure on both eye sockets at the same time with the tip of the thunbs for 4 or so minutes. Second one, in the center of the back of the head  in the large hollow right under the base of the skull, apply pressure with the middle finger for 3-4 minutes.


Listen To Your Body

This one is pretty self explanatory. Be nice to your bod, it’s smarter than you think.








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