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chicken and veggies

February 20, 2011

I make this meal every now and then and each time i do it a  little bit differently. it calls for cous cous, but i skipped it this time because i’m trying to stay away from carbs unless i reeeeally want/need them.

so, what you”ll need:

chicken( i use cutlets, i feel like theyre a better serving size)

baby spinach leaves

canned tomato chunks

oil( i use grapeseed for the chicken and EVOO for the sprouts)

balsamic vinegar

chicken broth


brussel sprouts

sea salt



the brussel sprouts take about 40 mins to roast, so start them first. preheat oven to 400. cut ends off sprouts and cut in half. drizzle with EVOO, sprikle with sea salt and black pepper. toss to coat. place them on a baking sheet and bake.

(i forgot to take a pic of them before they went into the oven, oops.)



coat a pan with grapeseed oil. add one garlic clove, minced.


add chicken to pan and cook through.

when chicken is done, set aside.


add spinach leaves to same pan and cook until wilted ~2 mins

when spinach is wilted, set aside.



add about 1/3 c chicken broth to same pan, and about 3tbls balsamic vinegar.

heat and scrape bottom of pan.


add tomatoes

bring to a simmer.


DING! brussel sprouts are done..yum!

Finished Product! (like i said, sometimes i add couscous to this and plate it under the spinach…it’s soooo yummy!)



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