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time out.

November 17, 2011

working out is hard, but giving my body the break it sometimes needs is even harder.

Last week I was so busy I only had time for one workout. I didn’t even have time for the guilt to flood my mind. I got back to the grind on Monday and it felt great! I felt great! My Tuesday and Wednesday workouts were rough on the body, though, from not doing anything the previous week. I woke up this morning and my whole body is sore. I don’t remember the last time I ripped my muscles this badly. I struggle with the guilt of missing a workout(when I do miss one), it really takes over my entire day, no matter how hard I try to push the negative thoughts out, they remain, and it’s quite unpleasant. I’m used to being in the gym 5-6 days a week– working different muscle groups, different training styles and on two of those days usually doing something a little lighter or more cardio based, rather than strength– and so when I can’t get in there, my whole week feels out of whack. With my body being so sore today I know the right thing to do is to give it a break and let my muscles heal, I don’t want to create any muscle imbalances or injuries. So that’s what I’m gonna do!(and I’m going to try to do this guilt-free!).

I’ve been chugging water like it’s my job in order to flush out the lactic acid, and actually took my own advice and added a couple shots of ACV to the water…ew! I also made sure I got enough protein for dinner last night and breakfast this morning(protein, protein, protein! it’s so important for any kind of strength training. gotta repair and build up the damaged muscles!). And instead of my normal workout, I had a good, gentle yoga sesh this morning–really focusing on deep stretching and breathing–again, trying to break up that lactic acid.

When you acknowledge the less than perfect parts of yourself, something magical begins to happen. Along with the negative, you’ll also begin to notice the positive, the wonderful aspects of yourself that you may not have given yourself credit for, or perhaps even been aware of.–Richard Carlson

bless up.

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  1. November 17, 2011 12:15 pm

    welcome to my life! my workout pace ebbs and flows so much, I have good weeks and bad weeks. I went for a run yesterday after not running for four days, and now today I’m a teensy bit sore. gah! just from running.

    when I first started swimming again i was so sore… epsom salt baths all the way!!

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