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Positive Affirmations Affirmed!

January 15, 2012

I have a personally challenging obstacle to overcome next month and the fear that I feel regarding the obstacle is almost debilitating. I let it control my thoughts for far too much of my days. So I decided today while talking to my mother(thanks, mom!) that from today on only positive thoughts and affirmations will come from my lips, my thoughts, out into the universe.

That was this morning.

And then guess what?… throughout the day I had multiple people speak positive affirmations to me regarding this obstacle…some of them not even knowing my fear towards it!

So cool!

I let my fears and insecurities control my thoughts-even with trying to block them out they usually win, but having decided today I would have no more of it and  hearing the positive affirmations from random people, I know I can do it. I almost feel silly now for giving into so much fear. What is the saying?… “never let you fear become greater than your faith”. Yeah, done and done!

So, I’m gonna take a lesson from this girl right here and be on my merry and positive way!

Seriously,let’s all take a lesson from Jessica!

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  1. January 19, 2012 2:56 pm

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