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Just Some Updates

February 25, 2012

I’ve not made any real posts lately. My mind and thoughts are elsewhere and I imagine them to be for a while, atleast until we get to Florida.

So just bare with me.

Nourish. Nature. Love will return to it’s regular broadcastings soon. 

So my house is completely empty now. The movers came and went and all of our belongings are floating somewhere over the Pacific Ocean as I type.  It’s kind of fun living in a completely empty house! We left a few things behind that we’ll be needing for the next two weeks and we’ll be mailing them off to Fl the day before we fly out of here. We’ve been sleeping on an air mattress, living out of suitcases and food has been difficult, haha.

me and the pups taking a much needed nap after the movers left.

Gotta say, the dogs are loving having this much open space to play in! Kitty is a fetching pro inside! And Kano found his Kong the day the movers were here, so he’s been loving that.

Kano and his Kong! he's such a tank.

No household goods means no coffee maker(insert panic smiley here). But it’s ok! Thankfully, we live an enjoyable walking distance away from civilization…so J and I have been walking up to the gas station to get some Kona Blend coffee every morning. It’s been nice! Breathing in the fresh morning air, talking about our plans for the rest of the day. It’s just a nice time; something different from your typical kitchen morning coffee and news. We do have a Sbux close by, but uh, I don’t pay that much for coffee/teas- too frivolous for me.

I’ve been trying as best I can to make healthy food choices given our lack of cooking utensils, not having a car and trying to be frugal. We have an oven, a fridge, plastic cups/plates/forks, a re-usable baking tray and that’s about it. For brekkie I’ve been doing a bowl of cereal with bananas cut up in it and almond milk. For lunch-turkey and spinach sandwiches on white bread, yuck, I can’t stand white bread…but it’s what J bought and I’m not about to go waste money(yes, even $3 )on another loaf of healthier than white bread bread. For dinner we’ve been doing frozen pizzas, roasted veggies(I still have a couple frozen bags I need to use up), and I’ve got some wild alaskan salmon fillets in the freezer that I can use, as well, but I’m not too sure how they’d turn out without any herbs or seasonings. I’ve been snacking on Larabars, KIND bars, carrots and apples. We’ve got some seriously unhealthy, dirty food in the house, too. No lies here. Ramen, mac n cheese, tortilla chips, frozen burritos…this is what happens when you send a man, with zero concern for nutrition, to the grocery store. sigh.

The flights for the dogs have been booked. A little peace of mind, finally. Unfortunately, we had a small bump in their plans. Seems that no airline likes English Bulldogs. United is the only airline that will ship Kano, and they originally wanted $1600 for him. Holy hell. We’ve used United before to fly the dogs and we’ve never been charged more than $400. Their prices have gone way up. We were prepared to pay what we’ve paid in the past, even a few hundred dollars more…but not a thousand! jeezuz. We got a final quote of $1100 since his kennel is smaller than we thought. Kitty is flying with Continental’s PetSafe program, and she’s only $400. Continental accepts all other breeds of dog except English Bulldog, they even accept French and American. Go figure. Continental said that if we can get Kano’s Health Certificate to reflect American Bulldog then he’d be good to go, but we called our Vet and she’s not willing to fudge the Cert, understandably so…but it still just really, really sucks. And come March 3rd United and Continental are merging, so that means they’re going to go by PetSafe’s rules from there on out…which means no english bullies. How on earth are owners of this precious breed supposed to fly their pet cross country/overseas? This  makes me so frustrated and sad. I foresee a lot of families having to leave behind their snuggly, lumpy english bullies 😦 I know Eng bullies are notorious for their breathing problems. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about them dying in flight, but how else am I supposed to get my dog from Hawaii to Florida? A lot of airline companies have restrictions for snub-nosed dogs-boxers being one of those. The temp and altitude changes can do a real number on them, so they can only fly during certain times of the year. Thank God Kitty has to the go-ahead and we haven’t had any problems with her.

Without a car I’ve been confined the Marine Corps base. I’ve been walking everywhere: the gym, the commy, IPAC, everywhere. It’s been kind of fun! I read an article not too long ago about how the majority of Asians are thin due to their mode of transportation-their own two feet. And one of the basics for primal living is walking frequently at a slow pace, so it’s kind of fun to put into practice what I’ve been reading, even if it’s forced. I’d love to continue this mode of transportation once we move and get settled, but let’s be real- with having a full time job and the rush-rush that is American society, I don’t see how practical it is for the responsible, grown up world, sadly.

I’ve been keeping myself busy by going to the gym, the beach, reading, walking the dogs. It’s been slow. Trying to think of things to occupy my time is challenging, but I’m also learning how to embrace the boredom. The sweetness of doing nothing. I think there’s a quality lesson to be learned in having nothing to do, but being ok with that nothingness. Being “bored” sucks sometimes. But I think too many people, too often, use that term without just embracing the boredom. Does that make sense? I feel like I just went all hippy-dippy on y’all. The Italians do it all the time- “dolce far niente”. Time to embrace my roots, folks!

Ok, the latest episode of Grey’s is calling my name. Hopefully, I’ll have some blog-worthy posts sometime soon.


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  1. February 25, 2012 9:51 pm

    That’s so frustrating about the rule on bullies – but awfully scary about the breathing probs. I know Kano will be fine, and I know you’re nervy this time around. We’ll be praying for y’all lots and lots. I’ll be at women’s retreat next weekend, so I’ll get Tams and the gals to pray for you and the pooches, too!

    The whole packing up and moving thing is so crazy stressful. I’m glad you’ve been making the best of it, though! That’s the spirit =)

  2. February 25, 2012 9:52 pm

    PS, the pic of your snuggling the pooches is SO CUTE!

  3. February 26, 2012 2:59 am

    Safe travels and take care!

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