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I’m Alive

March 13, 2012

I made it to the good ol’ south! South Florida!…which really isn’t “the south”. 

It feels good to be home. The dogs made it safely and we’re all enjoying some family time.

I’ve been fighting a nasty chest cold since leaving HI, so working out has been scarce. But I finally got back to it the other night!…I’ve been so excited to come home and try out the yoga studio my sister goes to.Their classes and prices are awesome, so I’m definitely taking advantage of that while I’m here. It felt great to get back into a studio, it’s been too long since I’ve practiced in a group setting.

I think the thing I am most excited about is my new juicer! My uncle gave Goshen(my grandma) a really nice juicer when she was trying to fight off the cancer. And now that she’s passed and her house is being emptied I was given that juicer. I got to use it for the first time this morning and I’m in lurve. I juiced some romaine lettuce, spinach, parsely, carrots and apple this morning for brekkie. Can’t wait to make some nut butters and sauces.


10 flight stair sprints(every other step)

walk down

10 flight stair sprints(every other step)

walk down

30 stair lunges

30 cross over lunges

30 side to side lunges

plyo hops: both legs, 1 step, 15-20 reps.

both legs, 2 steps, 15 reps

both legs, 3 steps, 10 reps

both legs, 4 steps, 5 reps

both legs, 5 steps, 1-3reps

15 skaters

15 heel lifts

do it.

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