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Keeping The Tag Moving!

June 11, 2012

Hey y’all!

My in-real-life- friend and fellow blogger, Rose from happyhippierose, tagged me in blogging game of sorts! She tagged me and asked me a question that I’m supposed to answer here on my blog, so I’m totally participating and keeping the “tag’ going!

Here’s how you play:

I’ll link your blog in this post + ask you a question;  you answer the question and keep it movin’!

There’s no set number of people to “tag”, just think of a few who you’d hope will participate and write back. If I tagged you in this post -come back and “comment” on this post with your link to your reply! Got it? Super!

Rose tagged me over here. She asked:

Are you so stoked about your new job teaching/training Kosama? What about Kosama excites you? What all will you be doing as part of this new job?  (Congrats btw, I’m super excited for you!)  And if you want to get into Jordan’s new job, can you touch on what you’ll be doing to stay busy over the next year (other than working your tail feather off??) “


Rose, I am beyond stoked about my new job as a trainer at Kosama! Kosama is a complete body transformation program. We focus on muscle confusion, total body workouts(kick boxing, TRX, kettlebells, body bars, bands, body weight, plyo, pilates and yoga), heart rate, nutrition, and consultations. When you sign up for the 8 week program you get unlimited classes, two trainers(ME!), a heart rate monitor to keep, kick boxing gloves to keep, weekly assessments, and a personal nutritional plan/profile.

Kosama becomes your family. The support you get from your trainers and the other people working out with you is so motivating and encouraging. We give real challenges that will produce will results. CHANGE WILL HAPPEN- not only physically, but mentally. What excites me about Kosama is that it’s new and fresh, but REAL! We are here to help change people’s lives! Our closest comparison would be CrossFit- the intensity of the workouts is the same, if not higher, but we are focused more so on heart rate zones and making sure you’re working at your own level. So, it’s not for time, like CrossFit, which more often than not leads to injury from improper form and body mechanics.We work out as a group in a big ol’ box/studio, and all of our members are encouraged to work at their own level introducing new challenges when ready; everything about Kosama can me modified and molded to what the individual needs.

As a trainer at Kosama, I’m there to lead the workouts. I’m the chick on the mic, yo! Or, I might be the mic-less ninja trainer on the floor roaming around from client to client, assisting, modifying, pushing, motivating. You just never know, muhahah. I also give the weekly assessments. These assessments serve a great purpose! The first one is during your very first week-showing your starting point(body weight, body fat%, strength, flexibility, endurance, pictures, etc), and then at the halfway point you have a follow-up to see your progress, and then again at the end of the 8weeks to see the final results. It’s very motivating!

I can’t believe I waited so long to do this! Using my passion, my God-given talent, to help others! I’ve already connected with a few clients in our first week and it just feels amazing!

Oh yes, and Jordan! Well, he got a jerb, too! The mister got out of the Marine Corps 3 months ago. He was planning on starting school in August, but life likes to throw us curve balls every now and then, ya know, just to keep things interesting, so now- school is on hold for a year while he takes a gov’t contracting job in Afghanistan! It’s hard to believe he’s deploying yet again. Not as Marine this time, so it’ll be interesting to see the differences in stress level, work load, danger, etc. But uh, yeah, by the end of this month he’ll have started his sixth deployment. He’s actually on his way to visit me right now, as I type (insert big ol’ grin here)! We gotta spend some time together before he heads back over to the desert!

While he’s gone I plan on staying as busy as possible! I’m hoping to find another training job, and shortly I’ll be shadowing with a big fitness guru down here–learning some tricks of the trade. So, I’ve got some good things going on for myself during the next year. It’ll be exciting. This isn’t new territory to me, I’m a deployment champ(cocky? I don’t care. I know J and I can get through anything!) so I’m just ready to get it started. The sooner he leaves, the sooner he comes home!

Please, if you remember, keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I’d really appreciate it.


Ok! Now for my “tags”!

Noursish.Surf.Exert ~ This badass fit chick blogs about her life, which just so happens to be enjoyable consumed with fitness. She’s an avid distance runner, fellow yogi, PE teacher in training, Group Fitness Instructor, etc. She blogs about her healthy adventures and always has some great advice to give!

I want to ask her this:  I always envy distance runners, the pure stamina and endurance, the love they have for the sport. I’d love to hear what how you got into distance running? What was your first race? When did you know you were hooked, and what’s the longest distance you’ve run so far?

thegivingtreeyogini ~ this blog is shared by two rad yoginis. Together, these two chicks are pursuing their passion for everything yoga. Yoga is everything, afterall. They’re on an adventure to travel the country learning more about yoga and the people who practice. On their adventure along the way they’ll be attending and creating different events to give back to the local community. As they’re preparing for their cross country excursion, they’re teaching donation -based yoga classes in the park every weekend. Rad!

I want to ask them thisWhat are y’all most excited about for the upcoming cross-country journey? Learning more about yoga? The people who practice its’ many forms? Learning more about yourselves? Maybe it’s all intertwined. Let’s hear it!

the healthy diva ~ She blogs about everything fitness and nutrition related! Recipes, tips, techniques, etc. She is able to relate to a large population of people who have/had an eating disorder, and uses her blog as an outlet to heal herself and others.

I want to ask her thisIf there was one piece of advice you could give to someone struggling with an eating disorder, or even someone struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, what would it be?

Alright y’all, don’t forget to “comment” back here and link your reply on your blog. And then keep it goin’!


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  1. June 11, 2012 5:08 am

    YAY!! I’m so glad that you “played along” – this has been really fun. Now I’m trying see how far I can “follow” some of the tags, and I’ve already made new blogger pals.

    I’m so excited for you and your new job, this program/lifestyle movement sounds amazing and like an incredible value for the money you pay into it. I want to look up a place in our area to get involved!

    but isn’t TRX that thing i’m afraid of that I had a really bad first/only/last? attempt at?

    I’m sorry J has to go back to the ‘ghan. UGH. I’m really curious to see what the differences are though. I wonder if as a spouse you’ll have more or less info, more contact, etc. Sometimes during the dudes’ USMC deployments it hardly seemed like we were in the loop with any “official” info, lol, so we’ll see.

    I’m excited for you, both of you. Lots of new, good things going on!

  2. June 12, 2012 5:26 am

    Hey thanks for the shout out gurrlll this post is awesome!

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